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Are you preparing to buy nickel 201 bars? If yes, then before you buy it there are some things about this bars that you must know! The nickel 201 bars are manufactured using good quality material and they are highly durable. The bars of this grade have high strength as well as good resistance to corrosion. Sturdy construction as well as high tensile strength makes the bar useful in machined component, pump shafts, handles, valves as well as fasteners.


The bars of this grade are accessible in various thickness, diameter, and size. The specification of nickel 201 bars is in accordance with ASME SB160 and ASTM B 160. ASTM, API and ASTM are the dimensions of this bars and it is available in polishes, bright and black finishes. Its length can be 100-3000mm or more than that. Its size or diameter can be 3.17-350 mm and it is available in hex, billet, square or round form.


These were some details about nickel 201 bars. While you buy these bars online or offline check certificates, text and other manufacturing details as well.

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