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At reliable industry that is ISO 9001:2008 certified is fully committed to building and nurturing buyer’s oriented engagement. They are servicing to their reliable clients superior quality of fasteners and helps the buyer in selecting the perfect one for application requirements.  The dealer as well renowned producer, supplier, and trader, stockiest of fasteners are made of pure nickel with carbon slight drop thus making it carbide precipitation resistance.  The standard specification of Nickel 201 fasteners is ASME/ASTM- 164,160,574, 472, 446, 425 and 166. The designation of it is B 162, F 2281. The grade name of it is nickel alloy fastener 210 is Fv 2281, nickel 201 alloy UNS No N02201 and fastener 2.4060, 2.4066.


It is widely used in various applications like food industries, cement industries, steel plant, aerospace industry etc. The types of Nickel 201 fasteners (UNS No N02201) is ASME SB 160 fastener (UNS No N02201), ASTM B 160 201 nickel fastener, nickel 201 alloy (UNS No N02201) fastener and Nickel UNS No N02201 fastener.  The producer is providing test certification accordance to EN10204/3.14B, third-party inspection and raw material report to buyers.

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