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These days nickel 201 is used in a large way for making forged and forged fittings. It is pure and it is similar to nickel 200. But nickel 200 contains the high amount of carbon content and it does not contain the high amount of carbon. It is prepared by providing high temperature. Due to the high temperature it becomes strong so you can use it anywhere. Nickel 201 Forged fittings gain lots of popularity because of high strength, strongness and roughness. The main thing about these forgings is that it is resistant to dry gases, acids and alkalis and much more. It is also mineral acids resistant that depend on the concentration and temperature of the solution.


Designation of nickel 201 forged fittings :


The designation of these fittings is ASME SB-564, DIN 17750 – 17754, and SAE AMS 5553 and much more. These fittings are most widely used in various applications such as combustion boats, platter bars, caustic evaporators, electronic components and much more. These fittings have so many types such as seamless, welded, ERW and much more.

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