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Many of the manufacturer companies are operating where they all manufacture the high quality of the nickel alloy products and fittings by using the pure nickel alloy raw materials that are considered to repeal the corrosive activities in many environments. The nickel alloy fittings are known to form a passive layer, oxidized when it comes in contact with the oxidizing atmosphere by allowing the inner surface of the fittings to remain unaffected by the corrosion. The nickel 201 instrumentation fittings have 0.15% carbon content that gives an excellent thermal and electric property that makes the nickel 201 product to be good and best one.


These thermal, chemical properties and the chemical composition of the nickel 201 instrumentation fittings alloy made to have the high resistant and fabricable towards the corrosive environments. This nickel 201 alloy is useful in any place below 600o F and are highly resistant to corrosion by alkaline and neutral solutions. Due to the high corrosive resistance the nickel alloy has longer lifetime and it can be used in the heavy duty applications. In general the nickel 201/200 instrumentation fittings comes in built in dimensional accuracy and robust.


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