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201 Nickel Alloy Tubing is made from a combination of nickel, manganese and copper, which allows it to be used in many different applications. Its low carbon content makes it ideal for corrosive environments, making it a popular choice for chemical processing. The alloy has superior thermal properties, making it a perfect choice for high-temperature applications such as food or beverage production. With its excellent formability and weldability, this type of tubing can be easily used in various industries. Nickel Alloy 201 Tubing is a handy tube due to the combination of characteristics attributed to its chemical composition.

Due to its beneficial properties, Nickel Alloy 201 Tubing is a popular choice among engineers and fabricators. The tubing is resistant to high-temperature oxidation, stress corrosion cracking, carburization, intercrystalline corrosion, and chloride pitting. It also has incredibly high tensile strength and can stand at around 215°C (419°F). Nickel Alloy 201 Tubes uses pipe systems, evaporators, tubing panels in condensers, instruments in nuclear plants, tank linings for bleaching washing and water purification processes, and components of oil refineries and chemical fertilizers, among others. Additionally, it can be machined easily with conventional techniques and has excellent polishability resulting in stunning cosmetic finish applications.

FAQ's for Nickel Alloy 201 Tubing

Nickel Alloy 201 Tubing offers superior corrosion - resistance compared to other metals and is heat resistant and non - sparking, making it ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Nickel Alloy 201 Tubing is used in projects ranging from construction to automotive repair, furnace components, fasteners, chemical processing equipment and more.

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