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Nickel Alloy 20 electrodes are composed of 20% chromium, 23% nickel, and 7% molybdenum. The remainder consists of iron, carbon, and manganese, while small amounts of Copper, Silicon, and Sulphur may also be present. These properties allow alloy 20 welding electrode to maintain strength and durability even in harsh environments, making them a popular choice for welding stainless steel pipes used in the process industry due to their superior corrosion resistance capabilities. Furthermore, these electrodes are also used for repairs on heat exchanger tubes and components that require erosion protection.

Nickel Alloy 20 Electrodes offer benefits that range from increased corrosion resistance to tolerance for higher temperatures. This is mainly due to their composition, primarily chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Nickel Alloy Electrodes 20 can be used for various applications, including different welding grades of stainless steel, joining galvanized steel with non-galvanized, and more. Furthermore, the electrodes' superior mechanical properties provide adequate homogeneity on welds without any significant loss in properties throughout the weld joint. As such, they are widely popular in hygienic piping and other uses in the Pharmaceutical industry and are utilized in various low-temperature processes.


FAQ's for Nickel Alloy Alloy 20 Electrodes

alloy 20 welding rod deliver superior electrical conductivity and weldability in even the harshest environments. They also boast increased corrosion resistance and oxidation capabilities, making them ideal for use in difficult welding projects. They are a great choice for many industrial applications!

Nickel Alloy Alloy 20 Electrodes Price Ranges From INR 225/Kg To INR 275/Kg

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