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Alloy 20

Alloy 20 forged fittings are considered best due to the high tensile strength, and corrosion resistance. Moreover, alloy 20 is also known as UNS N08020, which is a special kind of stainless steel grade that offers excellent resistance to chloride stress cracking. This alloy grade contains various elements such as nickel, chromium, and copper that help fittings to easily bear different temperature. These forged fittings are used in different applications like heat exchangers, process piping, and pickling equipment. Further, these forged fittings include national and international specifications and standards. There are several other types of forged fittings available such as tee, reducers, and cross.


You can get these Alloy 20 threaded forged fittings in different shapes, sizes and forms as per your requirement and order. Further, these fittings size varies from ½ NB to 4 NB and thickness is scheduled into various sections. These fittings come across various tests like an ultrasonic test, radiography test, hardness test and many others. When these products are ready for delivery or transportation purpose they are packed in wooden cases, plastic bags or shrieked wrappers so that they won’t catch rust or get damaged due to seasonal changes or accidents.

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