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Alloy 20

With the advancement of modern technology, there are different varieties of alloy 20 instrumentation fittings in a wider range. These alloy 20 tube fittings are very useful resistance to the chloride stress corrosion cracking. They are highly engaged in pickling equipment, mixing tanks, metal cleaning, heat exchangers and process piping. Presently, this alloy 20 is widely used in the food and dye production. These alloy 20 products can meet the industry standards. Now, it is available in various sizes and lengths based on the customer requirements.


There are various kinds of alloy 20 tube fittings available such as alloy 20 male run tee suppliers, ASTM B366 alloy 20 tube fittings and 20 alloy bulkhead union in South America and AISI alloy 20 straight union and so on. At present, the alloy 20 tube fittings is one of the top exporting products in the world. This alloy can sustain the high temperature and pressure rating. It is also majorly utilized in pneumatic, energy projects, hydraulic, petrochemical industries and oil and gas industry and so on. This product has also been exported to more than 80 countries internationally

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