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Alloy 20

Do you know what is alloy 20 and why it is used greatly in the industries? If not then here is description about it! Iron base and austenitic alloy is the alloy 20 and it has features like it can resist corrosion in the number of media. Also, this alloy is proved to be of use in flue gas desulfurization, food processing, chemical processing, etc. as compared to any other alloying this alloy is really beneficial as well as cost effective. The alloy 20 seamless pipes can withstand temperature up to 1000 degree F.

This alloy is formed by the cold working or hot working by using traditional process. a hot forged material is heated between 2100-2250 degree F ensuring that material may not fall below 1800 degree before forging. After hot working material is annealed by heating it to temperature i.e. 1725-1850 degree for 30 minutes which is then followed by water quench. After achieving stress relief, heat the material blow 1000 degree and the water quench after desired time.

In this manner by fabrication as well as heat treatment the alloy 20 is formed.

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