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Alloy 20

Alloy 20 screw is also being known by the name as carpenter 20, they are often being used with the combination of nickel, copper and they also provided to you with great corrosion resistance. These are the screws that are said to be the best suited for a mild range of corrosion. They are said to be better than the steel alloy but they are being designed so that they can withstand in a harsh environment as well. They work best in hot sulfuric acid but they also perform the best in various other acids.


These screws are said to be the ideal choice of the people and thus you don’t need the corrosion resistance power tag for high performance of nickel. They provide you with the best protection than the 316 stainless steel.  They help you in the good performance of the sulfuric acid; they also offer you with great resistance and also help you in stress corrosion cracking.


They offer you solid protection and perform the best than the other duplex and money. Alloy 20 Screw are said to be the best and are made with all industrial standards keeping in mind.

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