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Alloy 20

These Alloy 20 plates are made of iron, nickel and chromium metals with an addition of carbon steel and other alloying elements. These combinations make it resistance to acid attacks of various kinds such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, and chlorides. These plates are able to outstand high cryogenic conditions as well which makes them useful in high chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical, and power generation industries.


Specifications and sizes-

To ensure worldwide range in these plates they are nationally and internationally standardized. The various standards are ASTM SB 463 and ASME SB 463. These plates are available in variants of soft, half hard, hard, semi-hard and hard type of sheets. To meet size demands these plates are available in sizes of 1000mm to 4000mm range with a thickness of 0.1mm to 100mm.


Testing and packing-

Alloy 20 plates are tested in various tests to ensure that they do not fail in performance and deliver good services. They are tested in terms of chemical analysis, fatigue, micro and macro test, machinability test, and other important tests. Once tested they are shipped with proper care to avoid in-transit damages.

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