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Alloy 20

Nickel Alloy 20 stud bolts exhibit impressive strength and corrosion resistance due to their unique chemical composition. The alloy contains nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, which together form a hardening effect on the stud bolt material. This is further reinforced by adding copper and iron in minimal quantities, thus giving it superior mechanical properties such as excellent dimensional stability, crack resistance, and creep-rupture strength even at higher temperatures than other similar alloys. Apart from this, these favorable attributes make Alloy 20 stud bolts the ideal choice for industries requiring superior corrosion resistance from materials used in harsh environments.

Nickel Alloy 20 Stud Bolts are a stainless steel product designed for use in production and manufacturing processes. They provide reliable hold even in extreme temperatures and corrosive environments, making them ideal for many industrial applications. This alloy's excellent chemical properties have made it a standing choice in industries such as food processing and food packaging, petrochemical processing, paper, pulp, and dye production. The strong form of these alloys prevents nuts from loosening over time which is essential for multiple uses in chemical plants, oil refineries, and other industrial plants that need to resist harsh temperatures or acidic atmospheres. Additionally, the ability to resist welding makes these bolts useful in equipment with complex shapes and tight spaces where welded connections are not an option. For these reasons, Nickel Alloy 20 Stud Bolts will remain a widely used option for many industries due to their corrosion resistance and strength.

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