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Alloy 20

Nickel Alloy 20 Valves are composed of a combination of nickel-iron-chromium alloy and copper. This unique blend creates a highly corrosion-resistant material that is perfect for chemical application due to its ability to stand up to sulfuric, phosphoric, and nitric acids. This configuration also gives the Alloy 20 surface an attractive satin finish that resists tarnishing and pitting caused by exposure to acid compounds. Additionally, this alloy is known for its strong performance in high temperatures and has good flexibility, making it an excellent choice for many industrial processes.

20 Nickel Alloy valves are excellent components for applications that require extreme corrosion resistance. The alloy, also known as Carpenter 20, is composed mainly of nickel and chromium, which provide superior resistance against sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. With their exceptional durability, these valves are popular when working in harsh conditions containing corrosive media. Breaking strength is also enhanced by adding niobium and molybdenum to the alloy composition. This versatility makes Nickel Alloy 20 a reliable option for purposes ranging from control valves to hydraulic lines.

FAQ's for Nickel Alloy Alloy 20 Valves

Nickel Alloy Alloy 20 Valves have excellent corrosion resistance making them ideal for use in a variety of industries, such as food production, chemical processing and nuclear power plants.

Nickel Alloy Alloy 20 Valves are highly durable and long lasting due to their high strength and toughness. This makes them suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

The pressure rating of Nickel alloy alloy 20 valves range from 150 PSI up to 3000 PSI depending on the application.

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