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Alloy 20

For the different industrial and commercial applications, the alloy 20 washer is generally used to get its wonderful properties and benefits. These 20 alloy washers are basically the flat washers which are highly resistance to the sulphuric acid. It is also useful resistance to the nitric acid, phosphoric acid and also some other chloride environments. Alloy 20 machined washers usually have the very good mechanical properties at both the elevated and ambient temperatures approximately up to 930 degree Fahrenheit or 500 degree Celsius. Thus, it is always readily fabricated by the normal industrial processes.


If you are choosing the round alloy 20 washers, they are generally composed of chromium, carbon, manganese, copper, nickel, iron, molybdenum, phosphorous, sulphur and also silicon. With this extraordinary combination of such chemical compounds, this alloy washer is really great to provide you amazing industrial result as compared to some other alloys. At the same time, they are also affordable than other popular alloys used in the different industries. This is why these alloy 20 washers have been offering the full range of logistic solutions with the express service and also in the highly cost effective manner.

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