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DIN 2.4068

Nickel DIN 2.4068 bolts are also known as nickel alloy 201 bolts which are great in demand today! These bolts are known for their durability and ability to resist corrosive environment. They are made as per the national as well as international standards. Also these bolts have good strength and they can be sturdy constructions. The common specification in which you can find this bolts are-


Standards followed by Nickel DIN 2.4068 bolts are ASTM, BS, DIN and all the international standards while the specification is as per the ASME/ ASTM SB 160/ 425/ 166/ 446/ 472.  The size ranges from M02 to M33 and length of this bolt are between 3-200mm. these bolts are available in form hex set screw, socket, pan head screw, nuts, et.


The customers can also get these bolts customized as per their requirement. While manufacturing the proper care as well as tests is done. The tests are conducted to check the durability and strength and then these products are packed in strong packages. So, if you are in need of these then buy it today at very affordable prices from best manufacturing.


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