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DIN 2.4660

Alloy DIN 2.4660 Tubing is developed to meet the emerging customers’ needs. Addition, of copper and molybdenum it provides excellent resistance to hostile environments. Also, it has some amount of chromium that adds resistance to oxidizing environments. Alloy tubing welded by common methods using conventional machinery.  In order to minimize the precipitation of carbide, columbium metal adds on the composition. Hence, this can be used in the heat affected zone also as welded conditions.


A stabilized heat treatment process or an annealing process is done between the 2100- 2225 degree F followed by water moderately. Stress relieving process can be performed on annealed elements. In order to stabilize the material after the hot working process, these tubes are reheated for minimum half an hour.


This alloy has a good cold bending, drawing, pressing and formability also other forming operations. These are easily machined and can be drawn for different designs. Moreover, offered tubes surpassed from different quality assurance tests under the norms of national and international standards. The tests include mechanical test, tensile test, PMI test, chemical test, intergranular corrosion test and many more.

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