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UNS N02200

Commercial pure wrought nickel with outstanding mechanical property over the variety of temperature and resistance to numerous corrosive has made itself ideal choice. Excellent resistance to corrosion in alkalis and acid and useful in reducing conditions has also mad industrialist to prefer it. The features like withstanding heavier loads, rugged construction, high tensile strength, anti-corrosive, high durability, corrosion resistance, high flexibility etc have made item popular choice. You can surely buy Nickel UNS N02200 Electrodes for satisfying the application wants.


The item when is undergoing various stages of production with the help of third party agency thorough inspection is done. Also, the test namely hardness test, flattening test, pitting resistance test, hydrostatic test, radiography test, positive material identification test etc are performed to check its quality. The other tests like the macro test, micro test, and intergranular corrosion test etc help in effective and quality of electrodes productions.


The last stage is packaging and delivering. The Nickel UNS N02200 Electrodes are packed using industry product packaging technique like using wooden boxes, wooden crates, wooden pallets, and carton boxes is done. This becomes essential for the purpose of giving safety to the item when shipped far away distance to the buyer.

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