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UNS N02201

Nickel UNS N02201 Electrodes are said to be a pure wrought nickel with a lower carbon content to shield embrittlement by intergranular carbon at soaring temperatures. It is better immune to rust in alkalis and acids environments. Also, it is very useful under decreasing conditions and has boosted tensile strength. It is easy to install and can be used at the place where the high is too high. It is highly immune to heat and can be installed in electrical parts. It is today being used in different industrial applications like chemical or food processes tools, paper and pulp, oil refineries, and many others.


It comes across the wide range of test reports like flaring test, macro or micro test, flattening test, third party inspection, and radiography and so on. It can be purchased at the most reliable rates from any reliable or prominent hawker online. It can be even purchased in upgraded version and it is versatile and effective to use. With this, it can be brought from the market in accordance with your desired sizes, shapes, lengths and thickness.

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