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UNS N02201

Are you searching for best fasteners for your engineering application? If yes, then you can prefer Nickel UNS N02201 fasteners. These fasteners are well known for its ultimate strength, best for large-scale engineering, industrial as well as for household purposes. Comparably these category fasteners provide long-lasting services to other fasteners, at extreme environments most of the fasteners distorted physically, however it stands these were stands without deformation, makes them safest option for engineering works. Nickel fasteners resist elongations in elevated temperatures, offers great resistance to corrosion and chemical damages.



Specifications of Nickel UNS N02201 fasteners



Available in M2 to M100 diameter, length 3 mm to 3000 mm. full, half, UNC, roll, part are thread sizes or can be customized as per customer requirements. Nuts, screw, bolts, washers, are different ranges of fasteners. ASTM/ ASME SB 160/ 164/ 425/ 166/ 446/ 574/ 472 are standards of fasteners. UNS N02201 is material grade. High tech CNC are used in processing of fasteners, attains precise dimensions and surface finish. Tested crude materials are used in producing fasteners. You can buy Nickel UNS N02201 fasteners for high tensile assembly at low expenses.

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