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UNS N08020

The Alloy Tubing UNS N08020 is an iron-nickel-chromium based austenitic alloy which is also known as Carpenter 20. It gets developed and manufactured for providing maximum resistance toward sulfuric acids and other acid attacks. This superalloy also possesses excellent resistance toward crevice corrosion and pitting in chemical containing conditions with nitric, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids. The carpenter 20 is also responsible for stabilizing intergranular corrosion and against sensitization.


Alloy 20 has become a popular choice of top clients due to a comprehensive range of the product. These superalloys mainly get used in many applications like piping and pickling equipment.


The right amount of nickel alloy or stainless steel contributes to defining of this remarkable product. So, as per other alloys, the alloy tubing UNS N08800 stainless steel is considered the best. This way, it gets offered in different sizes, thickness, lengths, specifications, and dimensions. We also made the product available in custom-made choices so that the clients get the desired product for industrial applications.


The testing of the alloy tubing includes a hardness test, micro test, macro test, and another test too. The documentation is the packaging list, commercial invoice, and standards reports.


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