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If you are looking for best alloy for your industry requirement Nilo Alloy 36 bars is best option to choose as it offers good strength and toughness at freezing temperature and high in demand. Nilo Alloy is a most suitable grade of bars which are available in the market and are the composition of nickel-iron alloy. Available forms of nickel alloy are welded pipe, seamless tube and pipe, sheet, plate forgings wire and flanges.


Specifications and why to purchase it?

It is made as per international standard such as IN 1715 and it is available in diameter ranging and length of the bar will be adjusted as per your requirement. Nilo Alloy is available in different dimensions and shapes and can also be custom made as per client specific requirements. These bars are supplied as cold drawn, centre less ground and polished. Nilo Alloy 36 BARS available in round, square, rectangular and oval shapes and used in air conditioner applications, laser components measuring devices and thermostats applications. Always make sure that products are fully certified with international standards and also ensure that suppliers are committed to quality improvements.

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