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Do you know what nilo alloy 42 bars are? If not then read further you will know about it! It is a type of alloy bar which is used in semiconductor lead frames, bi-metal thermostat strip, integrated circuits and so on. These bars are currently available in various forms like the hex, square or round. This nickel iron alloy contains 42 percent nickel and its UNS number is UNSK94100. It is accessible for the customers in different diameter, thickness and size.



Dimension of the nilo alloy 42 bars are as per AISI, ASTM, JIS, DIN, BS, EN, etc. this grade of bar have matt, BA, rough turned, black or bright polished finishing. The surface of the bar is cold drawn, hairline, hot rolled or sand blast finished. So, these are the specifications of this alloy bar!

The food processing, pulp and paper, chemical processing and several other industries make use of this alloy bar and it is thus, it is produces in large quantity. Producing the bars in large quantity is tough process because these may be fluctuation in quality. So as to maintain quality inspecting and testing process are involved.

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