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Nilo Alloy Bars 48 are created with a combination of copper, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. This composition of metals makes a product known for its exceptional strength, created by the tensile strength provided by both nickel and chromium. It can even be used in extreme conditions like those found in desalination plants. With so much combined power in such a light material,48 Nilo Alloy Bars provide an impressive solution to many strong-material needs.

Nilo Alloy 48 Bars are some of the highest-quality bar materials available today. This strong yet light alloy is often used in construction and metalworking projects, given its high flexibility, excellent weldability, and low carbon content. This allows for precision shaping, and it has corrosion resistance as well. Additionally, as a Silico-manganese/Nickel alloy, Nilo Alloy 48 Bars retain strength at very high temperatures making them ideal for manufacturing jobs that require melting metals. Given its versatility, Nilo Alloy 48 Bars are popular with builders and machinists looking for excellent materials to construct their projects.

FAQ's for Nilo Alloy 48 Bars

Nilo Alloy 48 is a nickel/iron alloy bar designed for use in high-temperature and corrosive environments. It offers excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, fatigue cracking and creep deformation, making it ideal for critical components in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

The thickness of Nilo Alloy 48 bars typically ranges from 0.125 to 18 inches for most applications.

Nilo Alloy 48 bars are primarily used in aircraft and automotive parts that require exceptional wear resistance and strength at elevated temperatures, as well as medical instruments and robotic components that require corrosion resistance and non-magnetic properties.

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