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Nilo Alloy 52 Bars are versatile and dependable nickel-iron alloys used primarily in high-temperature applications. They are composed mainly of nickel, iron, and carbon mixed in precise amounts. The result is a product with maximum corrosion resistance, magnetic properties, and toughness, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures without losing its structural integrity.  52 Nilo Alloy Bars offer reliable performance for mechanical parts and assemblies in jet engines, gas turbines, and private aircraft propulsion systems.

Nilo Alloy 52 Bars are strong, lightweight titanium alloys with excellent corrosion resistance. Due to its durability and flexibility, it is one of the most popular alloys in various industries, including aerospace and medical applications. As a superalloy, it has incredible strength and fatigue resistance, making it great for use in safety-critical structures such as aircraft components. It can also withstand extreme temperatures without losing its structural integrity due to its ability to retain shape over time. Its unique properties make it suitable for various specialized applications, such as biomedical implants like pacemakers and artificial joints. The low weight and superior strength of Nilo Alloy Bars 52  make them an ideal choice for any industry where weight is a significant concern.

FAQ's for Nilo Alloy 52 Bars

Nilo Alloy 48 is a nickel/iron alloy bar designed for use in high-temperature and corrosive environments. It offers excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, fatigue cracking and creep deformation, making it ideal for critical components in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

The thickness of Nilo Alloy 48 bars typically ranges from 0.125 to 18 inches for most applications.

Nilo Alloy 48 bars are primarily used in aircraft and automotive parts that require exceptional wear resistance and strength at elevated temperatures, as well as medical instruments and robotic components that require corrosion resistance and non-magnetic properties.

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