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Nickel iron alloy which show controlled expansion is the nilo alloy 52 bars. This alloy bar holds 51 percent of the nickel. It has static or low coefficient of thermal expansion between the temperatures 565 C or 1050?F.  The features of this bar include hardness and good strength at cryogenic temperatures. And this type of alloy bar is mainly used in electronic applications as well as glass ceramic sealing. This alloy is not cold processed because of the risk of CTE damages. But it can be annealed at temperature 850 to 1000?C.


These grades of bars are also known as NILO 50, pernifer 50, or glass seal 52. Its specification is UNS N14952, ASTM F-30, UNS K 94100. It is used in automotives, industrial lamps; mercury wetted red switches, etc. I hope the above given information is useful and now you will be able to buy and use these bars for various purposes. For buying these bars you can take help of reputed manufacturers available online. Keep in mind to check the test certificates while buying the product from any store.

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