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Have you ever bought the bars online? If not then you may be having very less or no knowledge about them. If you want it for your industries requirements then it is must to know more about the bars before you buy them. Nimonic Alloy 115 BARS are a most suitable grade of bars which are available in the market and are the composition of nickel-chromium-cobalt alloy.


Nimonic Alloy 115 BARS are available in different dimensions and shapes and can also be custom made as per client specific requirements. It is made as per ASTM, EN, JIS, GB, DIN, etc standard and it is available in diameter ranging from 6.0-800 mm. The length of the bar will be adjusted as per your requirement. Make sure you read the specification, application and test or certification of the material before you purchase it. In addition to this make sure choose right suppliers to buy this product. These bars are supplied as cold drawn, centre less ground and polished. Nimonic BARS available in round, square and so many shapes and used in industrial applications.

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