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These Nimonic 263 bolts are formed from a mixture of precipitation of hardenable nickel-chromium alloy. This also has an additional adding of molybdenum for solid strengthening. These above compositions make it high corrosive resistance and good durability to high temperatures of heating substances. It is available in customizes shapes and size as per the prerequisite of buyers.



The standard specification of it is BS, ASTM, and DIN as well as all international standards. The length of bolts is ranging from 4mm to 220mm. The size of it is M3-M56 and customized size. The type of bolts available is hex bolt, hex head bolts, U bolts, square bolts, and countersunk bolts.


The Nimonic 263 bolts are undergoing various testing like hardness test, macro and micro test, flaring test, mechanical and chemical testing, PMI testing, flattening test etc. All these testing are done to assure excellent quality of bolts productions. The buyer gets surety that they are delivered high-quality bolts that can be used for various applications without any trouble or damage.

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