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The nimonic fasteners are reliable and play an important role. The Nimonic 263 Stud Bolts are an age old hardened bolts containing nickel chromium cobalt molybdenum super alloy solution. These are strengthened with the addition of molybdenum. They have a very good combination of good age old strength and complete resistance to oxidation and can creep at high temperatures too. These fasteners are being used for the bolting purposes of the high temperature components of the aircraft and also of the industrial gas turbines and various sheet fabrications. There are different sizes and shapes available. The chemical properties of these fasteners are that it contains 2.2 of titanium, 5.9 of molybdenum, 20 of cobalt, 0.4 of silicon and 0.7 of iron and others respectively. Based on the requirement, these fasteners can be designed in order that they play an very effective role. These are being manufactured using the international standards and hence the quality will be of supreme one. They are being designed with a motive of withstanding at good temperatures and are specially made for it. These are most preferred ones.


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