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In the industries where the temperature is quiet high you can’t make use of the normal washer with fasteners in those places as it can’t withstand in high temperatures. To overcome the temperature challenges making use of Nimonic 263 Washer is highly recommendable because they are able to withstand even at high temperatures. These are the low creep super alloy washers and its manufacture from sourcing the high quality raw materials of super nickel alloys. It is made with the composition of more than 50% nickel, 20% chromium with addition of titanium and aluminium.


These washers are highly preferred due to its characteristics as it has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant and ultimate tensile strength. When comparing with other washers from nickel alloy its capacity of resistant and strength is quite high. It can be found various forms and dimensions which are used for various needs. The compatible fasteners with this washer are Nimonic 263 Bolts and Nimonic 263 Screw. Even it can be found the types are hot formed, cold formed and bar stock machined for the required usage.

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