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Nimonic 263 Washer, also known as an Inconel 263 washer, is a nickel-based alloy containing more than 55% nickel and 20% chromium to support exceptional high-temperature strength. It also includes small amounts of cobalt, titanium, aluminum, and manganese to offer superior resistance to oxidation and carburization up to certain temperatures. The Nimonic 263 Washer can further be distinguished by its oxidative stress capability at temperatures upwards of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it perfect for applications that require repeated cycles between hot and cold temperatures without compromising its structural integrity or dimensional stability.

Nimonic 263 Washer is an alloy designed by National Engineers and metallurgists in Britain in 1936. It is a high-grade nickel-base superalloy that excels in many extreme environments and applications.263 Nimonic washers are the ideal choice for temperature-sensitive components that require high strength, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. The washers can also withstand stress-raisers such as fatigue cracks, crevices, welds, fastener holes, etc. They are specifically helpful for aerospace components due to their ability to be leveraged in cryogenic and high-temperature conditions. This alloy is a cost-effective option for various ranges of engine applications. On top of that, the washers provide structural integrity with improved crack propagation characteristics when exposed to higher temperatures or pressures.

FAQ's for Nimonic 263 Washer

The processing time for a Nimonic 263 Washer depends on the size and quantity of parts. Generally, small parts require 4-12 days processing time and larger parts require 6-14 days.

The maximum temperature of a Nimonic 263 Washer is 1290 °C (2354 °F).

The weight of a Nimonic 263 Washer varies depending on size, but generally they weigh between 2 to 8 kilograms (4 to 16 pounds).

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