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If you are looking for information on Nimonic 75 fasteners then you are at right place! Here we have gathered information about this alloy fastener you can read. Nimonic 75 fasteners is a superalloy based on nickel and carbon as well titanium added in this alloy which helps to control its strength. This grade of alloy holds excellent features like resistant to a corrosive environment as well as oxidation at an excessive temperature. 


The standards according to which fasteners are manufactured are- ISO, DIN, UNI, SAE, and ASME. These fasteners are used in the various applications in industries like the marine and offshore, oil and gas industry, metal and mineral mines, railway and automotive. These fasteners are widely used in the aerospace industry, construction industry. 


The dimensions of the fasteners vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  They have passivation and pickling finish and they are both cold forged and hot forges. Various dimensions for the fasteners are DIN 931, 934,933, ASME B18.2.1 and so on. Mostly the fasteners produced by the manufacturer are as per the national and international standards but they also keep in mind the demands of different customers.

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