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Are you searching for nuts which are safer for the engineering works? You find Nimonic 75 nuts best. Because of its strength and durability it is much safer than other common type of nuts. Most of the times nuts fail due to varying loads, but these nuts don’t fail at any complicate situations.  On other and it is known for its high temperature bearing ability. Coarse, fine and super threads are available in these types of nuts. These are best for its corrosive resistant and pitting property. With ultimate strength engineers choose these nuts for their assemblies. Available in various metric sizes or manufactured as per the clients norms.


Advantages of using Nimonic 75 nuts

Especially these nuts are used for high grip assemblies in the corrosive environments. ASTM, DIN, BS are the standards consider while manufacturing. Nimonic 75 nuts are cheap and best value for money. Tested raw materials are used for the production. They are well tested and certified. The packagings of these nuts are being done in the wooden boxes so that they are not being damaged while exporting from one place to another.

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