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The nimonic bolts are high quality nickel alloys. These are being produced by means of hot forging or bar stock machining which helps in maintaining the integrity of the property. The  Nimonic 75 Stud Bolts is a nickel based super alloy which is usually strengthened by controlling the addition of carbon and titanium. These fasteners are ideal and are much suited for various applications because of their good mechanical properties. They produce resistance to corrosion and oxidation at very high temperatures. There are various types of stud bolts which are being manufactured in order to meet the various requirements of the industries. Some of the popularly used types of stud bolts are fully threaded stud bots, double end threaded stud bolts, tap end stud bolts and many more. The chemical composition of these are that it contains 18.9-21% chromium, 1% silicon, 0.2-0.6% titanium, 0.08-0.15% of carbon and the remaining is nickel. The mechanical property helps in knowing about the bolts more clearly, the tensile strength is 109 ksi and the elongation property is 42%, whereas the elasticity of modulus is 29878 ksi.

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