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The Nimonic 75 which is a nickel chromium alloy with the addition of carbon and titanium. Many types of washers were made from alloy 75 are Nimonic 75 Washers, Flat Washers, Spring Washers, Lock Washers and Square Washers. Other than washers more products are being manufactured from this alloy. Actually the Nimonic 75 washer is made from the alloy that contains nickel 50%, chromium 20% with addition of titanium and aluminium. These washers are often used with the fasteners which are made from alloy 75. It is mostly compatible with the fasteners Nimonic 75 screw and Nimonic 75 bolts.


These washers were available in the dimensions are DIN 125/127, ISO 7089/7090, ASME B18.22.1 even in some other dimensions also. The Nimonic 75 washers are available in different forms are Cold Formed, Hot Formed and Bar Stock Machined which are used based on the need. These washers are corrosion resistant also high temperature resistant with ultimate tensile strength. Due to its resistant it is widely used at the industrial machines where the temperature seems to be high. It should be free of mercury and radioactive contamination.

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