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Nimonic 75 Washer is an alloy composed of up to 74% nickel, 20-22% chromium, 3.2-4% iron and a small amount of titanium and other elements. This combination creates a superior material with excellent strength and creep resistance even at high temperatures – making it particularly useful in aerospace applications and industrial heating units. Nimonic 75 Washer is known for its special heat-treating process, which gives it the unique capability of maintaining high tensile strength even under incredibly strenuous conditions, allowing manufacturers to create solutions that are sure to last without fear of premature failure or wear and tear.

Nimonic 75 Washer is a nickel-chromium alloy available in various forms, including plate, strip, sheet, and wire. This type of washer is highly resistant to heat and creep deformation, making it well-suited for applications where heavy loads are involved. Depending on the desired application, it can be used in both acidic and alkaline environments. Further, Nimonic 75 Washer features excellent oxidation-resistant properties when exposed to air at elevated temperatures and resists corrosion in a moderately oxidizing and reducing atmosphere. Moreover, this alloy offers excellent resistance to stress relaxation at high temperatures. Its potential uses include bolts and other fasteners for boilers, turbine blades for aircraft engines, petrochemical equipment component washers etc. With so many valuable benefits, 75 Nimonic Washer provides an economical solution for various applications.

FAQ's for Nimonic 75 Washer

The thickness of a Nimonic 75 Washer varies depending on the size and shape; however, generally speaking, it is typically between 0.2 to 4mm.

Yes, the Nimonic 75 washer has excellent high temperature strength and oxidation resistance up to 815°C (1500°F).

No, it does not require preheating prior to welding.

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