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Nimonic Alloy 80A bars are composed with the combination nickel and chromium. It is best quality grades bar that is manufactured using nickel alloy. It has good corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is considered the best alloy that is used for making industrial parts. These materials go through various testing before delivering them to customers. This alloy is produced by high frequency melting and casting in the air.


Specification of Nimonic Alloy 80A bars

Nimonic Alloy 80A bars are available in refined version. It comes in various dimensions and shapes as per client requirements. It has approved in ranges from 5mm to 500 mm thick diameter. It comes in many forms like sheet, round, bar, flat, extruded section, wires, billet straight forging, forging etc. and has rough, black, and bright and polish finishing. This alloy used in various applications such as gas turbine engineering, nuclear boiler tubes parts, and automobile exhaust valves etc. This alloy has creep rupture and tensile properties and is used in manufacturing, construction, and other household repairs. Make sure that you read all specifications before you buy it.

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