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Nimonic 80A Coil

Nimonic 80A Coil is an age-hardened nickel-chromium alloy with good corrosion and oxidation resistance. It consists of about 20% Chromium and other elements such as iron, copper, manganese, titanium and cobalt. Its high-temperature strengths are excellent, up to 815°C (1500°F), which makes it suitable for high-temperature applications like turbochargers and recuperators. Due to its excellent thermal fatigue strength, Nimonic 80A Coils are widely used in aircraft engine components and combustion turbine components.

Nimonic 80A Coil is an age-hardenable material with excellent elasticity and high strength at high temperatures. It has good corrosion and oxidation resistance and is used for components working in aggressive environments. It can be found in turbine blades, discs, shafts, wheels, and exhaust liners; its tensile strength of 950 MPa at room temperature makes it a suitable choice for applications such as aircraft fittings or gas-turbine components, which need to withstand the extremes of heat and pressure.

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