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Nimonic 80A Nuts is considered to be one of the most renewed super alloys which are specified for use in the gas turbine. This kind of product is relatively specified because of their capability to overcome extremely elevated temperatures. It makes the nuts ideal and perfect for use in aircraft parts and tailored manufactured gas turbines components to turbine blades installation by the exhaust. It is the high-tech product and has properties such as high tensile strength, strong, exceptional conductivity, long lasting services and more. Another thing is that it can be installed in marine applications and under water atmospheres, due to its highly corrosive resistance trait.


If we talk about its maximum sizes that are 2” and if you are in need of more sizes, then you can place order. This is the product which is carrying high tolerance conductivity with it. Moreover, using the modern machinery as well as the technology, it is manufactured under the control of qualified or experienced professionals. You can now buy this superb product in custom built option from the online or offline market under your budget.

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