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The nimonic fasteners are one of the most popular and fascinated superalloys which are specified for the purpose of gas turbines. Nimonic 80A Stud Bolts are often being used for various purposes because of their ability to withstand the very high temperatures. And because of these properties these are most suited for aircraft parts and bespoke designed gas turbines components for the installation of the turbine blades which is done through the exhaust nozzle on the jet engines in which there is ultimate exposure for heat and pressure. The shapes and sizes vary according to the application. Some of the industries where it is being used are automotive, agriculture, military and defense, heavy duty trucks and many more. Thermal cycling and high vibration can really wreak the bolted joints and these are the areas where these kinds of fasteners are being used. The temperatures which can be withstood by these fasteners are somewhere close to 800 degree Celsius. Apart from these fasteners the normal fasteners cannot be used in these processes as they are not being designed to serve these high temperatures.


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