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The Nimonic 80A Washer is made from the precipitation hardenable nickel and chromium alloy with the addition of aluminium and titanium. This is manufacture by sourcing the raw materials of Nimonic 80A alloy also known as Alloy 80A. This washer offer good corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is well known for its high tensile strength as well. not only that it posses creep rupture properties at the temperatures up to 1500°F which mean in the temperature of 815°C. It is available in the forms that suits for the conditions are hot forged, cold forged and bar stock. This is available in various dimensions so it can be preferred on the requirements.


Due to its resistant and strength it is used for gas turbine components such as blades, rings and discs, then with bolts, tube which supports in nuclear steam generators, die-casting inserts and cores, and exhaust valves in internal combustion engines. Likewise it is used widely in industries along with Nimonic 80A fasteners. The manufacturers being manufacturing these washers make it by considering its properties to retain its quality constantly without leaving any faults.

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