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Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy bars are the nimonic alloy 86 bars. This alloy is added with rare earth element like the cerium. This alloy bars combines excellent weldability as well as formability with exception resistance to oxidative environment as well as scaling temperature up to 1920?F. there features of this alloy bars are well accepted and due to which it is used in various industrial applications. The bars of this alloy are available in the market as the nimonic 86 hex bars, nimonic 86 polished bars and so on.


The bar of this alloy is made using optimal quality raw material. The bars are manufactured as per clients request as well as standard engineering practices. The 86 alloys are supplied as centre less ground, cold drawn, rough turned or smooth. The dimensions of the bars can vary or customized so as to meet the clients requirements.


The nimonic alloy 86 bars are durable due to which it is in demand! It is used in gas turbine, industrial furnaces. If you wish to buy this alloy bar then you can order it from the good manufacturer.

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