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Nimonic 90 fastener is a super alloy fastener, which contains nickel as well as chromium in addition to aluminium and titanium. The fastener of this grade is capable of withstanding high temperatures. These fasteners are offered in finishes like passivation as well as pickling. The compatible features of this alloy fastener make it suitable for use in various industries.


The common specification of Nimonic 90 fasteners are ASME/ASTMSB160/425/446/472/164 etc. while the standards according to which it produces are international standards, ASTM, BS, and DIN. The size range of the fastener is M10-M100 while the length is up to one meter or more depending on the demands of the customers.


The thermal processing equipment and heat treatments equipment, as well as the aerospace industry, make use of Nimonic 90 fasteners. If your industry is also in need of this grade of fastener then it is good to buy it from the store, which is highly recognized and reputed. Make sure you specify your needs while making the order so that the manufacturer can produce it as per your needs and utility. So, hurry up and purchase!

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