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Do you know about nimonic 90 nuts? If not, then this article is best for you as it entails you about these alloy nuts in detail. Well, these are low creep alloy nuts that are manufactured using an alloy that contains various elements like chromium, titanium, and nickel. These nuts are also known as fasteners or bolts as they are also used for connecting or joining two or more components together. You can easily see these nuts in petrochemical equipment, chemical processing equipment, marine, and seawater equipment.


They are made using the best quality of raw material that helps to withstand in extreme environment and temperature. Not only this, the raw material is based on the international quality standard.


The specification included in nimonic 90 nuts is ASTM, ASME, ANSI, JIS, DIN and BS standard and specifications. The sizes of these nuts are available in custom sizes to customers as per their demand and application requirement. These nuts when ready for the delivery are tested and inspected with flaring test, flattening test, radiography test, and third-party inspection. After this, a proper care is given at the time of packaging when they are packed in pallets or wrapper to prevent these nuts from damage and rust.

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