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Nimonic 90 nuts are made from a nickel-chromium-cobalt alloy that can be further strengthened via cold working. This makes it ideal for high-temperature industrial fastening applications such as nuts, plates, captive screws, and retaining pliers. The various chemical elements that make up Nimonic 90 nuts include nickel (64% - 69%), chromium (19% – 24%), cobalt (5% - 8%), iron (2%) and other trace amounts of elements like silicon, manganese, carbon, and aluminium. This amalgamation of factors results in nuts with excellent corrosion resistance properties even when exposed to high temperatures of severe oxidizing media.

Nimonic 90 Nuts are a stainless steel alloy with high-performance qualities, making them very useful in demanding engineering challenges. They provide exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, allowing them to be used in high-temperature applications such as the aerospace and automotive industries. In addition, these nuts feature excellent formability, permitting the use of complex shapes and configurations that are not easily achievable with other alloys while maintaining their high-quality standards. Moreover, they demonstrated outstanding weldability, allowing for various engineering solutions. Finally, Nimonic 90 Nuts also offer excellent workability and machinability, which is a factor to consider when choosing the necessary nuts for specific projects or repairs.

FAQ's for Nimonic 90 Nuts

Nimonic 90 nuts are commonly used in a variety of industrial or mechanical applications, such as aircraft engines, turbines, and chemical plant equipment.

The tensile strength of Nimonic 90 nuts is typically in the range of 250-450 ksi (1724 - 3103 MPa).

Yes, Nimonic 90 nuts are highly corrosion-resistant due to their excellent oxidation resistance and chromium content.

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