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These nimonic fasteners are precipitation hard enable is a combination of nickel chromium cobalt including of the expansion of titanium and aluminium. Nimonic 90 Stud Bolts fasteners have a very high stress break quality and creep resistant, even at the temperatures of 920 degree Celsius. These fasteners are commonly utilized as a part of the extraordinary variety of applications. Some of the purposes to which it is being used are turbine sharp edges, hot working instruments, exhaust reheaters, disc and high temperature springs. These are being designed in various sizes and dimensions in order to satisfy the requirements of the industrial purpose. DIN, ASTM, BS and all international standards are being followed in the production process of these bolts. These contains 99.2% of titanium, 0.30% iron, 0.03% of nickel and 0.10% of carbon and accordingly. They have an tensile strength of about 344 mpa and yield strength is from 275-410 mpa and the percentage of elongation is 20%. Its density is about 0.163 lbs/in3 and the melting point of the nimonic bolt is 1670 degree Celsius. And their mean coefficient of thermal expansion is 70-212 degree F.

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