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The Nimonic 90 Washer which stands for using in extremely high temperatures. It has high temperature resistant and has ultimate tensile strength even their corrosion resistance also good. It is used in the places where the temperatures are extremely high as it is bearable of high temperatures. Actually it is durable for using at high temperatures as it is made from Nimonic 90 also known as alloy 90. The alloy 90 is the combination of nickel, chromium, cobalt alloys with the addition of aluminium and titanium. This alloy has excellent stress rupture strength and creep resistance at high temperatures due to these properties the products made from this alloy are bearable for high temperatures. These washers were made with the 50% of nickel, 20% of chromium with the addition of titanium and aluminium.


The Nimonic 90 washers are available in hot forged, cold forged and bar stock machined conditions. Also it is presented in different forms and dimensions for various usages. It is compatible with the fasteners are Nimonic 90 Screw and Nimonic 90 Bolts. It is highly mandatory to keep it free from mercury and radioactive contamination.

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