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Nimonic 90 Washer is a nickel-based superalloy made from chromium, molybdenum, and other components like iron, cobalt, titanium, carbon and aluminium. This combination makes for a very durable alloy and allows the washer to be used at much higher temperatures than ordinary alloys could withstand. Its scalability permits its use in many applications, such as jet engines and power turbines, because it does not lose its mechanical strength at extreme temperatures. The tensile strength of the 90 Nimonic washer is also incredibly high, making it incredibly useful in machines with unforgiving environments.

Nimonic 90 Washers are commonly used in the aerospace and electrical industry due to their unique properties. It is an incredibly strong superalloy with a high nickel and chromium content. It can withstand extreme temperatures like those found in aircraft engines or parts of industrial furnaces. In addition to their incredible strength, Nimonic 90 washer are corrosion resistant, making them perfect for use in humid environments like seawater or marine atmosphere. Furthermore, they offer good dimensional stability, excellent machinability and weldability, making them ideal for applications like the fastening of aircraft components. Nimonic 90 Washer are a perfect choice for superior tensile strength and performance at high temperatures.

FAQ's for Nimonic 90 Washer

Nimonic 90 washers Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

Nimonic 90 Washers are used in applications such as nuclear turbine and steam plants, chemical processing equipment, and aerospace engines.

Nimonic 90 Washers are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation and have excellent strength properties making them suitable for a variety of applications.

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