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Nimonic Bolts

Nimonic Bolts are nickel-based superalloy fasteners with unique properties ideal for high-temperature applications. Primarily composed of nickel and chromium, these bolts contain other elements such as manganese, silicon, molybdenum, and titanium. Combining these and other alloying materials results in a solid bolt that can permanently resist the effects of oxidation and corrosion at extreme temperatures up to 1000°C (1,472°F). Nimonic bolts are thus ideally suited for turbocharger components in automobile engines and applications in aircraft engines where corrosive environments must not impair performance. It contains better features like better formability or machinability, pitting or crevice resistance and good thermal expansion.

Nimonic bolts are nickel-based alloy bolts with excellent creep-resistant properties and high-temperature strength. Nimonic bolts are commonly used in automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and power generation industries. Due to their Nickel-Chromium base, they also offer superior corrosion resistance and fatigue strength at these temperature extremes. Other benefits of using nimonic bolts include their ability to be bent or cold formed without losing strength. They also have a low thermal expansion, which helps maintain a tight seal when appropriately fastened. When choosing the correct bolt for a particular application, it's vital to consider the properties it needs - in this case, nimonic offers outstanding performance in areas where heat and corrosion resistance are essential.

It is manufactured using excellent, high-quality untreated material that is reliable, well-certified, and worthy. With this, nimonic bolts are wrapped up with the information of relevant duty. Moreover, the tag of its 100% originality and certification is tagged on its packaging box. It can be purchased in various grades, sizes, and lengths per your needs.





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