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Nimonic Nuts

Nimonic Nuts are a particular type of fastener developed for high-temperature applications. As such, the chemical composition of the nuts is designed to meet specific criteria. Nimonic Nuts have 50% nickel and 20% chromium content, with the remaining 5% comprising iron, carbon, silicon and manganese traces. The presence of nickel allows these fasteners to retain the strength that would otherwise be lost to elevated temperatures. The chromium also helps increase torsional strength, corrosion resistance, and oxidation stability. In addition, the small amounts of other constituents ensure ductility and malleability over a wide range of temperatures. Overall, nimonic nuts provide excellent attributes at higher thermal capacities than other fasteners currently available.

Nimonic nuts are an essential part of aerospace engineering, components of gas turbines and other parts of mechanical instruments that require high heat resistivity combining the strength of nickel-based alloys with chromium's oxidation resistance and formability. These properties make nimonic nuts ideal for high-strength applications in extreme temperatures, such as those in jet engine components. Other uses include connecting aircraft parts like struts, making them an excellent choice for operational safety and cost efficiency. Nimonic nuts resist creeping fatigue failures and hold up against vibration and thermal shock, ensuring their performance is never compromised, even in demanding conditions.

Our well-reputed manufacturers of nemonic nuts who manufacture excellent quality nuts by employing modern tools and technology. These products are manufactured per the standards established by authorities like DIN, MSS, ANSI, and ASTM. The dimension standards of these nimonic nuts, as per ANSI B 18.2.2 in imperial and ANSI B18.2.4.6M in metric, are manufactured.

These nimonic nuts undergo various tests, like hardness testing, temperature resistance testing, etc., to ensure that the manufactured products are highly reliable and can be used under diverse backgrounds. Because of all these exciting features, these nimonic nuts have huge demand.



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