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Nimonic Screw

The Nimonic Screw is mainly a nickel-based screw made from the age hardening techniques. Nimonic screws are made of a Nickel-Chromium based superalloy often referred to by its ASTM designation, Nimonic 80A. This alloy primarily comprises nickel, chromium, and titanium, with small amounts of cobalt and molybdenum added for additional strength and corrosion resistance. In addition to these metals, trace amounts of aluminium, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, copper and carbon are incorporated into the alloy mix. These elements combine to provide nimonic screws with excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures, excellent creep properties up to 520°C (968°F), and higher-than-normal mechanical strength.

Nimonic screws have many uses and properties that make them useful due to their high heat resistance and ability to tolerate extreme temperatures. This makes them perfect for high-speed machinery, motors, turbines, exhaust systems, and airframes in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Additionally, they offer excellent electrical resistance due to their composition and temperature stability which is essential in digital equipment. Their strength also withstands corrosion even with exposure to seawater, making them suitable for marine environments such as boat propellors and propellers, as well as other components located below sea level. From industrial engineering to biomedical tools, nimonic screws come in several sizes with different threads, making them easily adaptable to any design or situation.

These screws can be used even in high-pressure, acidic environments (alkali and alkaline) and extreme environments. They come in a comprehensive grade range of 75, 80A, 90, 105, 115, and 263 to meet all the demands and standards. Also, they are available in hex, bolt, grub, coach, set etc., so they can widen their practical uses.


Specifications and sizes

The product is as good as the specifications, which is why these screws are specified with all the international standards and specifications of ASTM and ASME. This ensures quality and trust among customers. When it comes to size, they are available in size range of M3 to M56 with a length of 3mm to 200mm. They are also available in custom sizes to meet your requirements. We provide the best nimonic screws for your use at affordable prices.

FAQ's for Nimonic Screw

Nimonic screws have an HSN code of 73181500.

No, Nimonic screws are non-magnetic due to their alloy composition and nickel content.

Yes, Nimonic screws are highly corrosion-resistant due to their special alloy composition and high nickel content.

Welding Nimonic screws should always be done with a fully inert gas such as argon or helium. This is to ensure that the welds are not contaminated by oxygen, which can cause corrosion and failure.

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