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Nimonic Washer

Nimonic Washer is a direct-chill cast superalloy composed of Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt. Minor additional elements such as carbon, manganese and iron are also present, which help to enhance strength, ductility and ability to resist high temperatures. Its high-temperature performance is attributed to a precipitate oxide layer of NiCr2O4 which forms on exposure to heat, making the alloy suitable for use in gas turbines and other areas that require working with high temperatures.

Nimonic washers are industrial-grade products used to fix low-strength fasteners into a surface. It’s made of a Nickel-Chromium alloy that can be heat-treated and cold-worked easily and is commonly used in aerospace engineering, marine, and oil & gas industries. The washers are strong and have excellent resistive properties to heat, fatigue and stress corrosion cracking, meaning they can function reliably for an extended period, even under extreme pressure. Nimonic Washers are often considered the superior choice for fixing fasteners in harsh environments with excellent surface finish. As a result, factories producing high-temperature equipment benefit from installing these washers due to their low relaxation value when stretched over time. On top of this, they also boast excellent electrical conductivity - making them ideal for machining delicate electrical components on ships or aeroplanes.


Specification of Nimonic Washer 

ASTM, IS, and DIN is common standards of these washers. Nimonic Washers are available in various shapes and sizes, which makes them easy to use. Customer can demand their requirements according to their needs. They can be easily tightened by standard equipment. These are manufactured with advanced machinery, so the dimensions are precise and accurate. Machines are operated by trained and experiences works, so there is no chance of damaged production. Only tested and high-quality raw materials are used in production, which are 100% pure. The quality assurance team inspects the finished product to remove any damaged washer from the batch. Overall, you get high-quality finished washers for excellent performances in your fittings. You can buy these washers for your work at affordable prices. They were delivered in wooden boxes because of a safety issue.



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