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Niobium R04200 bars are produces as per ASTM B392 standard. This alloy bar is greatly used in aerospace, electronic and chemistry because of its corrosion resistance, high melting point as well as cold processing feature. Quality of annealed or cold bar is good if it does not contain holes, cracks or folds. These bars are used in rocket nozzle, manufacturing of nitric acid, coating material, etc.


Niobium R04200 bars are needed by the clients in various shape, size and thickness thus, they are produced as per their needs. Common specification is as follows- product name is niobium rod or bars. It is also known as bd rod, nd bar and its diameter can be between 3-120mm while the length is customized. The UNS number is UNS R04210 or UNS R04200.


Most of the manufacture who supplies this product delivers it within 10-15 days. The product manufactured is put to certain tests as well as certification. The documentation process as well as marking is done after this and finally the material is packed in durable wooden cases or foils. This is how the product is manufactured.

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