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Niobium bars are worked from the ingot to last diameter, rolling, forging, swaging as well as drawing. It is used single or in combination to meet the desired size. The tests which are applied on this alloy bars are corrosion test, mechanical test, eddy current test, and microstructure test.  These tests are must to be cleared by the product before it is finally sent in the market.


From market this alloy bar is bought by various companies or industries like the aviation, electronic or aerospace industry. The features of this bar are high melting point, toughness, cold processing and so on. The standard according to which this bar is produced is ASTM B392. Shape of the bars can be rectangular, hex, round or square. Its dimensions are typically produced as per client’s request. The packing is done in seaworthy packages or other packaging material.


Surface of the Niobium R04251 bars are black, polished, sand blast or pickled. Customers buy this bar from reputable shops and place order by specifying their needs. When you place order specify the dimension and standards.

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