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A little brief on Niobium R04251 plates


Niobium is a highly ductile material with a grey shiny look. Its name is originated from Greek mythology niobe who was the daughter of Tantalus. It is also called as columbium. The metal is used to make sheets and plates such as niobium R04521 plates that are ductile and strong. Here, the R04521 represents the type of niobium and its chemical composition. It is a type 3 reactor grade niobium which contains only 1% of zirconium. Many more grades such as type 1, 2 and more are in use where each type of niobium alloy differs in term of composition.


Why niobium metal is widely used?


They are popular because of important features that are excellent chemical resistance against liquid alkali metals and concentrated acids, low thermal neutron. Moreover, they are tough and can be deformed easily without cutting. It has good heat resistance. At temperature below 9.26 Kelvin niobium metal becomes superconductive. Therefore, niobium R04521 plates are used in many applications. This grade is also represents as NbZr1. different ASTM standards are defined for manufacturing niobium rods, wires, sheets and other items. For example- for Nb sheet ASTM B393 standard is defined.

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