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Niobium Sheet

The Niobium Sheet is a thin layer made of pure niobium metal, which is an elemental metal found in abundance in nature. It has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance properties due to its high purity content. Its composition consists primarily of niobium (Nb), mostly Nb-99, along with minor amounts of other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and iron. Niobium sheet also boasts good formability and weldability properties, making it suitable for various applications, including semiconductors, superconductors and magnets.


Niobium sheets are an incredibly versatile metal, with a high corrosion resistance and excellent flexibility. They can be used in many applications where other metals may not withstand the conditions. For example, niobium is often used to make pipes and tanks for chemical processing plants as they will not corrode or react with the processed substances. Additionally, as niobium has a low thermal neutron absorption cross-section, it is widely used in nuclear reactors to control fission reactions.


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